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  1. 2019 Graduate Sale: 18% OFF for Lace Wigs of MarchQueen Hair

    Congrats, 2019 graduates! You did it, now it’s time to celebrate! MarchQueen Hair has prepared a graduate sale for you all young friends! Affordable lace front wighs, quality human hair weaves, pre-colored hair bundles and closures. It is the best time for a new hairstyle, wear your perfect hair to meet the important guys!

    Grab the chance, save yourself money!

    MarchQueen 2019 Graduate Sale

    Date: June.18th- July.18th

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  2. Sew-Ins or Wigs, Which is Better?

    Which is better, sew-ins or wigs? This is quite a frequently asked question. Simply speaking,they both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you’re a woman who hates being bothered with the idea of doing your hair every day, then buy quality human hair weaves will always be a great option. With a sew-in, you have a commitment of anywhere between 30-90 days. If you like to change colors, styles, lengths, and textures then investing in a human hair wig could be great for you. If you are on the fence about wether purchasing a hair wig or purchasing some bundles for a sew-in this blog post will be helpful for you.

    The Pros Of Wearing Weaves?

    Stability and Commitment

    When you get a sew-in, you commit anywhere between one to three months before you would have to reinstall.
    Sew-ins are great for a long weekend road trip and even better if on vacation. You can take a quick hop in the pool and not worry about your wig floating away from you. It can make one feel more confident in oneself as this hairstyles have a good stability. The number one reason on why women have yet to make the switch to wigs is because they are so scared that it will blow off in the wind.


    When you have a sew-in, you can wake up and go. With wigs, you would have to reapply your hair every morning, and that can get annoying for a woman who is always on the go. Sometimes you want to wake up and already look bomb, not wait a couple of minutes to throw on your hair to do so.

    Save Money In the Long Run

    As long as you invest in good quality bundles such as MarchQueen virgin remy human hair weaves, you could keep the hairstyle fresh, try infinite styling options, and try out multiple hair colors in the process. You can even have your hair extensions last up to 2 years, which will save money in the long run. For example, with MarchQueen premium virgin hair Bundles with closure, you can change the color up as you please and with ease.

    The Pros Of Wearing Wigs?

     Skill-free convenience for versatile looks

    Human hair lace wigs are light, breathable and versatile. You can wear updos or ponies, like the hair’s growing from the scalp.
    You can also change your color and style instantly without sitting in a salon for hours or dealing with the long-term commitment of a weave. Especially to an active person, it is easier to be versatile and switch your lookup Monday through Sunday.

    Lower price than getting a weave installed

    If you wash and style a wig according to directions, they last a really long time, even the low-quality ones.Speaking of patting your weave, they itch terribly.

    Allow Your Scalp to Breathe

    Wigs can be more healthy to the scalp because you have more direct contact with your scalp and natural roots. As the wearing of wig is normally less than a week, and one can choose only wear wigs during day time, so you can maintain your natural hair underneath and leave your scalp with free Breathings.

    How to choose?

    In summary, to choose wigs or weaves will come down to your lifestyles. If you lead an overall busy and fast pace lifestyle and you prefer to swith your look up frequently, then wigs work better for your. Sew-ins are more suitable for women who want a little more stability in their lives.
    If you have any other reasons for weaves or for wigs, welcome to tell us all about it in the comments down below.

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  3. 5 Steps to Make A Quick Weave Ponytail with MarchQueen Indian Hair

    A great weave ponytail is always considered an effective hairstyle. Over the years, we have seen many celebs resorting to a weave ponytail hairstyle and rocking the red carpet. Wish for a weave ponytail, but can't tame your afro? Simply use weft hair extensions! In this post, I am going to tell you how to do a ponytail with weave, step by step, on yourself, and that is beginner friendly. Once you master this tutorial you will know that the look can be versatile. You can have a low ponytail, high ponytail, side ponytail, or even two ponytails. Whatever your ponytail desires are this is the tutorial that will help you out.

    Step #1 ~ Put Your Real Hair In A Sleek Ponytail

    Neatly gather all your hair around in a ponytail and secure it with the help of an elastic band. Make sure your ponytail is tight and firm, so it does not slide down during the day.

    Step #2 ~ Braid Your Hair

    Once your hair is in a ponytail then you want to go ahead and braid your real hair. When I did my high ponytail I was able to just braid my real hair. When I did a low ponytail my hair was a lot shorter and I had to add some braiding hair of MarchQueen to my actual hair.

    Step #3 ~ Protect Your Real Hair

    Since we are going to be using hair glue to bond the weave to your hair, you do not want to apply the bonding glue to your actual hair. you can avoid all of this headache by simply using something to protect your hair. I just used a wig cap in black or you can use brown whatever your fancy. I have also seen people use wrapping hair paper. Feel free to use either.

    Step # 4 Glue Your Hair

    The next thing that you are going to do is to glue the weave to your actual ponytail. And you are going to start from the bottom. Winding the weave around the braid in a circle making sure that you are fully covering your braid underneath. Wind the weave all the way up until you reach the base of the braid.

    Step # 5 Wrap The Base

    Once you have glued on your weave you should have covered the entire underneath braid all the way to the base. And now to cover the wefts at the base of the hair which you can do one of two ways.

    First, you can simply take a piece of your weave from the ponytail (probably about an inch and wrap it around the base of your hair. Using bobby pins to secure it underneath).
    Second, for my high ponytail, I actually used this braiding hair. The braiding hair must be the same texture as your actual ponytail. This is a good option if you want your ponytail to sit higher. Plus, if you used braiding hair to put into your braid then you should have some left over and you can just use the leftover hair from that.

    Now you've learned how to easily make a weave ponytail at home. In fact a weave ponytail can literally change the way your everyday look comes together quickly and conveniently. No matter if you are a lover of the high fashion weave ponytails with bangs or want weave ponytails with tracks, remember MarchQueen has an awesome selection of ponytail extension human hair for black women that will help you create an amazing look.

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  4. The difference between a Lace Front Wig, 360 Lace Wig & Full Lace Wigs

    Wigs are becoming more and more popular among users of human hair products. They're easy, fun and offer a lot of versatility. We can easily list 5 reasons why you should totally wear a wig, but today we're going to be breaking down the difference between 3 different types of wigs: Lace front Wigs, 360 Lace Wigs and Full Lace wigs.


    MarchQueen Lace Front Wigs are perfect for everyday or for a special occasion. This high quality wig is hand-knotted strand by strand in the front portion which is 13 X 4 ear-to-ear coverage and at 4 inches deep. This gives you the option to part the hair in any direction you want. The remainder of the wig is machine sewn onto a breathable cap for a most comfortable feel that will keep you cool and dry. The cap size is universal and can be adjusted to fit your head using the built in combs and secure strap.

    marchqueen lace front wigs

    360° LACE WIGS

    MarchQueen 360° Lace Wigs have everything a Lace Front Wig does, except the lace goes around the entire perimeter of the wig. A 360 lace human hair wig looks like a wig pre-sewed the 360 frontal & bundlesThat means you can put your wig into a high ponytail because the lace in the back will look like your scalp. The middle portion is machine sewn onto a breathable cap.

    marchqueen 360 lace wigs


    Full Lace Wigs are the most versatile wigs ever created. The entire wig is hand knotted strand by strand onto the lace cap. Our full lace wigs also feature an additional stretch layer in the middle portion of the wig to protect the lace. This ensures your wig will be able to stretch over your head without tearing. This wig will last for several years to come.

    marchqueen full lace wigs

    Which wig should I choose?

    Which wig you should choose depends on your needs and what hairstyle you are going for. It also depends on your budget. 

    1.Consider the hairstyle

    Human hair wigs can be classified as silky straight, kinky straight, curly, wavy and etc according to hair pattern. You can choose a wig in any hair texture, by choosing your favorite texture, you can avoid spending more time and energy trying to change it. Before wearing your wig for the first time, take it to your hairstylist and trim the bangs and sides to suit your face shape. Just choose it follow your heart!


    2.Consider the hair length

    Long, medium-long or short wig? Choose it according to your stature and your fancy. Long wavy Brazilian human hair wig can provide a sexy and bold appearance and requires a little more maintenance at the same time. Long curly Brazilian 360 lace wig can provide a "shake-n-go" styles and can be easier to care for.


    3.Consider the hair color

    The color of the wig's hair will also have a significant impact on how well it suitable for you. Your natural skin tone will only dictate whether you should choose warm-toned or cool-toned wig colors. Advice for natural hair works well for wig selection, too. In this case, you need to take your natural coloration into consideration. Some women feel most comfortable selecting a wig that matches their natural hair color. To do so, we recommend looking at your hair and color samples together under natural light to determine which color most closely resembles your own. If you plan on coloring a human hair wig, you can dye the wig at home our find your hairstylist do it.

    4.Consider your budget

    Full lace wigs are going to be the most pricey of the three because it's completely hand made. 360 lace wigs if more affordable and can meet the demands of more hair style choices. Below form gives a detailed suggestions.

    wigs difference

    Where To Buy Best 360 Human Hair Wig Online?

    No matter you are looking for a lace front wig, 360 lace wig or full lace wigs, know that you can always count on the human hair wig offered by MarchQueen Hair.

    Wellcome to try our products and see how many positive changes it brings to your life!

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  5. MarchQueen Human Hair Wigs Types

    Unlike the wigs our grandmothers and mothers wore wigs today are designed to be undetectable and flattering to your natural hairline. Each cap and hair style is crafted to fit your head snugly and styled in multiple ways. Modern wigs are made with various caps styles, fabrics, and attachment methods. Lace caps enable your scalp to breathe and resists scalp irritations. Modern hair wigs also feature distinctive designs such as u-parts and lace fronts. MarchQueen provides natural human hair wigs with various styles, textures and colors. Here are the most common types of human hair wigs today.

    Full Lace

    In a full lace wig the cap is made entirely of lace. The cap usually features strips for adhesive to attach to so that the wig does not move or buckle around your hairline. The benefit of having a full lace wig is that the hair can be styled naturally without detection. The lace allows free parting in whichever direction you choose. Full lace wigs give you extraordinary versatility as well. For example, if you want to cornrow your unit, you can. Full lace wigs typically last longer than traditional wigs when cared for properly.
    Lace Front
    Lace front wigs feature lace only in the front of the unit, mainly so that your hairline looks more natural. Lace fronts also give you styling versatility that enables you to switch up your parts. Some lace front natural hair wigs are even able to give you the ability to wear a half-up, half-down styles. The rest of the cap, however, cannot be parted and is usually the standard mesh-like material that features a drawstring or hair combs to keep the wig in place.

    Lace Front

    Lace front wigs feature lace only in the front of the unit, mainly so that your hairline looks more natural. Lace fronts also give you styling versatility that enables you to switch up your parts. Some lace front natural hair wigs are even able to give you the ability to wear a half-up, half-down styles. The rest of the cap, however, cannot be parted and is usually the standard mesh-like material that features a drawstring or hair combs to keep the wig in place.

    360 Lace Wigs

    360 Lace human hair wigs is completely designed with a sheer lace around the whole hairline from the beginning to the end attached to the circle of the wig. Which makes it looks as if the wig hair is growing from your own scalp.

    You could style the lace part hair in any way you want. The rest part of the lace front wig isn’t made of lace, but of a unbreakable material this is still secure and wearable. Wearing 360 lace wigs is very easy and simple due to the fact that it is stretchy and cover the entire scalp region with a natural looking hair style.


    Monofilament wigs feature a fine nylon, lace and mesh blend. It is an alternative to those who suffer from a sensitive scalp. This option is great because the cap tends to mimic your natural scalp color (no concealer necessary) and the hair is individually hand-tied to the cap. It is arguably one of the most natural-looking wigs, aside from the full lace option.


    U-part wigs feature a ‘U’ cut out on the top of the wig so that you can leave a portion of your own hair out. This allows you to blend your natural hair in with the wig. This style wig also gives you extra versatility which is perfect for those who like to have a bit of leave-out for a more natural look.

    Half Wig

    A natural half wig covers the back part of your head, usually from the top of the crown to the nape. This leaves your hairline completely exposed. This wig requires that you style your hairline in order to mask the track of beginning of the wig. Half wigs are a great option if you are looking for a natural wig option but don’t feel comfortable committing to a full wig just yet. With the improved technology of natural wigs blending your hair with the wig is easier. High quality textured hair extensions are the best options when looking to blend your curl pattern with a natural hair wig.

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  6. How to Choose A More Realistic Frontal

    There's so much that you can do with frontal shows and I feel like they look more realistic. But the work that you have to do with them as far as is putting them on and making frontal look realistic. It's just like do everything when you go to all that.

     13x6 Ear To Ear Lace Frontal Closure 100% Human Straight Virgin Hair With Swiss Lace Frontal Natural Color Can Be Dyed

    But if you put your time to the side and properly manage your time then I feel like you can eventually master the front to make sure that you're mindful of that. I said that they have silk as well but this soap is kind of just in the center. 

     13x6 Ear To Ear Lace Frontal Closure 100% Human Straight Virgin Hair With Swiss Lace Frontal Natural Color Can Be Dyed

    So it's time you're getting a big frontal like this, but the soak is only going to be in a middle portion of this which is kind of like a waste. So I just say go with a regular lace, it goes the more realistic, your partying and your hairstyles will appear. 

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  7. How to Make Hair Weave Look More Realistic

    Sometimes your hair weave will look very wiki and not realistic at all, so you want to make sure that you plug it and the hair weave will be pretty. It's more space for you to pluck, so you're going to go to each section plug hook up and just try to lower the density which will not take much hair.

     MarchQueen 3 Bundles With Closure Peruvian Deep Hair Weave Bundles With Closure

    But taking the hair off bit by bit just mimics a real person's head of hair. You can also get a lace frontal on hair weave or you can get its own in. It's pretty much the same as a closure. It's just a bigger space now. The only thing that with weaves is that you need to be some type of real security to hold this in place. 

     MarchQueen 3 Bundles With Closure Peruvian Deep Hair Weave Bundles With Closure

    I see if you're only using an elastic band, so this is just my full of the elastic band and here to show you properly. This is a spool of elastic band that I use and I usually use this on my closures. Your piece of elastic is not going to be big, so the distance from behind is going to be longer than the distance from air to air. 

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  8. How to Create Your Base Braids

    You should always prepare your hair for hair weave prior to executing the style. Wash your hair weave as you normally do, and give it a good conditioning treatment as well. To create the base to sew your weave onto, you have to braid your head in a series of cornrows. To do this, you’ll need a wide tooth comb, a fine tooth comb, and a hair pick. You will also need 2 to 3 large hair clips to hold your hair away from your face, and a detangling spray of some sort.

     Brazilian Water Wave Virgin Hair 3 Bundles With Closure 4x4 1b#

    Choose the location of the part carefully because you will not be able to change it until you take out the weave. Separate out 0.5 in sections of hair on either side of it. Pin the rest of your hair back using the clips. The first braid you will complete is a small braid that wraps around the outer edge of your face, head, and to the nape of your neck. The perimeter braid will have 2 starts - on either side of the part - but you will combine the ends of the braids together at the nape of your neck.

     Brazilian Water Wave Virgin Hair 3 Bundles With Closure 4x4 1b#

    To show your part, you will braid two rows of hair on either side of the part, away from each other. Work down both sides of the part, braiding small French braids 0.25 in wide. Each of the braids you began on either side of your part will continue on to form full braids that wrap around your head. Tie off all the ends and tuck them into the finished braids so as to hide the tails.

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  9. How to Take Tape Hair Extension Out

    First, you need to pull your hair together with a large clip or hair band. Then use your index finger or the thin end of a salon comb to pull out an even row of hair at the bottom of your head. If you encounter any tangles, pull out a little more hair from your ponytail so you can work on the larger section altogether.

     I Tip Stick Fusion Human Hair Extensions 50g 13 Colors Remy Hair

    Crimp the bonds with pliers to loosen and break them. Use your fingertips and rub any combination of olive, coconut, baby, or almond oil into the cracks of the bonds you created with the pliers. Let the oil seep in and sit for 10-15 minutes. The oil will break down the keratin and allow you to pull or gently comb the hair extensions out.

    I Tip Stick Fusion Human Hair Extensions 50g 13 Colors Remy Hair

    To help speed up the chemical process of applying oil to the bonds, blow dry your hair extension on a low setting. Anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes will be helpful as heat makes bonds more malleable and easy to slip off and pull your natural hair away from the bond.

    I Tip Stick Fusion Human Hair Extensions 50g 13 Colors Remy Hair
    Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb gently and then a fine-toothed comb. Take a shower and use a clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner to help restore your hair, roots, and scalp. Clarifying shampoos will help remove the excess olive oil as well as remaining glue from the weave while the conditioner replenishes any nutrients a harsh alcohol or chemical may have stripped away.

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  10. Hair Weave that Has the Elastic Band

    If you had air to air, their Latin band might be this one, but from the temple, the temple of my design just stretch out. So you have to change your elastic bands. I'm going to show you guys one of my weaves that has the elastic band attached from Temple to Temple. So this is basically hair weave that has the elastic band. 

     MarchQueen Peruvian Loose Wave Lace Closure With 3pcs Hair Bundles

    This is a thicker elastic band. This one has it attached from each end this is where each of the elastic bands is attached to both ends of the closure. This one has the frontal, you can see that the frontal obviously is shorter. This end over here you see is attached. 

     MarchQueen Peruvian Loose Wave Lace Closure With 3pcs Hair Bundles

    This end right here and then it is attached on the other end over here. So once you put it on this whole portion of the frontal, it is going to be on your head and then this is going to be behind. So both of them I just usually prefer that because they just make me feel more secure. 

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