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How to Extend the Life of Hair Weave

I have these big bottles because I watch a lot of them, but you can get them small and they come like this in the little 8 ounce bottles. Then I'm going to use lukewarm water. I don't use hot boiling water because the lukewarm water is too tepid water or even a little warm it'll work just as well and it won't hurt not only the fiber but also the material.

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The Right Way to Condition Hair Weave

I'm not kidding, more than it would have if you just not got anything much to it. Okay, so you walk away for ten minutes. Whatever watching my favorite show their comeback and now it's sitting here and I'm going to take MarchQueen hair weave out and what we're going to do is squeeze gently. I've got the excess shampoo out, what I usually do is I put it on my hand like this again.

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the Human Hair Weave that Pretty Easy to Maintain

MarchQueen human hair weave is gonna be pretty easy to maintain because I'm not gonna be brushing or combing every night, the only thing that I did to define these curls where I put water all over the hair and my kind of put it where I wanted to go like the part the parting. I put a leave-in conditioner and I will put the leaving the conditioner in the description parts.

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How Curly Hair Works

When it's dry, you don't want to run your fingers through it or comb or brush it because it's gonna tangle. It's curved and that's just how curly hair works. But when you have conditioner in this hair, it's pretty easy to brush through. At first, I thought it was really tingly but I think that was the shed hair, there was a tract inside the curls.

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MarchQueen Brown Highlighted Weave Tutorial

I got these bundles here from MarchQueen and there is also a closure from MarchQueen. It's not our first time working with summer hair. So I'm really excited to do it again. I think this is my first time to work with their body wave hair weave. I wanted to do something different not just keeping black bundles. Let me do something with some browns.

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