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MarchQueen: How to Revive Old Human Hair Weaves

“Hello, guys, and welcome to another video here. In today's video, I'm going to be showing you guys how to revive your old hair bundles. I buy these natural human hair bundles from MarchQueen. Yep, it's exactly the same hair bundle. Okay, absolutely, transformed looking brand-new you will never even know this has been touched or it's over two years old. Okay, so let's get right into it.”

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How To Do A Sew-in Weave From Start To Finish

Today, I am going to show you how to do a sew-in weave from start to finish. There are two reasons I write for this course: I kind of having a style that I can like sleep in and get up. The second reason I wanted to get it out the way cuz I'm going on like a newly healthy hair journey to get my hair thicker my natural hair plus.

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MarchQueen: Body Wave Ombre Wine Red Hair Unit

Today I will show you guys Body Wave Ombre Wine Red Hair Unit from MarchQueen. I have got three bundles and one lace closure. Both they feel soft and really like realistic. So this is my wig that I made myself with them.

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MarchQueen: Malaysian Curly Weave Human Hair

Today I want to share some hair with you guys. I get a lot of questions about the curly hair that I wore a few weeks ago. This is how the hair looked when I wore it and I wanted to come and answer you guys questions about this hair and share my first thoughts. So this hair comes from MarchQueen.

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Best Weave MarchQueen Human Hair Extensions

"Hey, I'm putting some wand curls in the straight hair. The MarchQueen hair I have never really curled this hair before because it is straight. And so let's see I haven't put any product on it."

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