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MarchQueen: How To Seal Your Wefts in Weave

Want to learn the easiest way to completely stop your hair extensions from Shedding? The fast, stress free way is by: a weft sealer! So, what is a weft sealer? A weft sealer is an adhesive that is safe to use on your wefts (aka tracks). It helps prevent hair from shedding from the weft by providing an extra secure hold. Read on to see how easy it is to use!

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How to Keep Your Natural Hair Healthy and Thick

Hi, beauties, do you have problem with your natural hair? With so many attention and passion on hair weaves and wigs, we shall also take good care of our natural hair meanwhile. So what are necessary to maintain our natural hair healthy and thick ? Here are some really simple and common items that can help you grow and maintain your natural hair !

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2018 Summer Sale ! Save $20 for A Decent Summer!

Hot summer is coming ! Speaking of summer , what comes to your mind first? Ice cream? Beach? Bikini? They are ALL summer! Well, in the meantime, there are always graduation ceremony and closed friends to get married in Summer! So when your makeup is on and your beautiful dress is shining , are you ready for a decent hairstyle ? To have a COOL summer, MarchQueen hair summer big Sale is on !

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2018 Mother's Day Sale! Great Mom Deserve Good Hair !(Closed)

Even though Mother's Day, the most important festival for each and every mom and female may seem a little bit too far, it is never too early to get ready for the festival crafts that will be fun for the whole family and your home decorations. The earlier you get this done, you will have the more time for the planning.Here, MarchQueen prepared great gift for every female and great mother!

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MarchQueen Brazilian Straight Hair Review

Hey! Are you still hesitating for choosing a hair weave ? With many kind of online hair brands and shops out here, you need to choose a suitable one which is fit your lifestyle best and have long lasting protection. MarchQueen Brazilian hair has a great quality. So, today I want to share a true review from popular youtuber about MarchQueen Brazilian straight hair.I hope this can give you a guide to help you choose a suitable hair weave.

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