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the Poppin Summer Hair from MarchQueen

I like the texture of MarchQueen’s hair. At first, I thought I wasn't gonna like the texture, so when I wet all the hairs, try to find the curls, the curls were kind of like, I guess, the water. I guess the weight of the water make the curl look looser, I don't want any loose curly hair, so I wasn't going for a loose curly look.

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MarchQueen Brazilian Straight + Frontal

The next kind was the color of the lace. I did not breach the nuts or like I said I just kind of like threw this on, so it's not the best. But I don't know if you can tell the color of the lace, it's not like a brown color, it's more like a really light color. Maybe you feel like lighter skin and then this lace color might work for you.

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MarchQueen Perfect Wand Curly Human Hair Weave

Okay, so starting off, I'm just gonna take a few pumps of blow dry cream and apply two freshly washed hair. This hair was sent to me by MarchQueen and I do have a video constructing this weave on my channel. I'm just gonna blow dry the hair. It's really simple really nothing. So I'm just gonna use a diamond brush to brush out the curls.

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How to Bleach Knots Without Bleach

If that makes sense so as you can see I'm just grabbing something from the closure and I'm grabbing some hair from the web's so it can blend seamlessly. I mean honestly, it's pretty similar to curling leave out with your sewing because you're gonna curl to leave out by itself and then it won't blunt. You wanna do the same thing, but your closure one size for the size of the hair.

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How to Lay Human Hair Weave Flat

I've been getting tons of requests on how I put my weave on and how I lay them flat and how I set them and everything. So I just wanted to show you guys before I go to sleep a very quick and easy way on how I do that. So I already put my hair weave up into a wait caps. I didn't Brady although I do prefer it recommend braiding or Kouros.

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