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How to Care for MarchQueen Hair Weave

Many people do things to their hair to achieve the style they want. Unfortunately, the practices they often use are not good for the overall health of their hair. Anyone can have the hairstyle they desire, while still maintaining proper hair care. And we should care for our MarchQueen hair weave just like care for our natural hair.

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New Video: THE BEST FRONTAL EVER?!!| MarchQueen Hair

I have filmed this video three times already. So excuse me if I'm a little annoyed, just a little bit okay real quick. I want to talk to you about the best frontal that I have ever had. I've been wearing wigs for like seven months at this point. I started in January and everyone knows I have the hair. That front toll was so easy to manage.

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How to Reduce the Shedding of Hair Extension

There could be a few reasons why your hair is tangling a lot. Hair texture, the frequency of brushing, exposure to wind, as well as the healthiness of the hair, can all contribute to matting. The shedding of MarchQueen's hair weave is minimal. We'll share the best tips on how to detangle your hair and minimize knots.

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How to Stop Hair Loss Naturally

1. Try rubbing your scalp with garlic juice, onion juice, or ginger juice. Make sure you only use 1 of these juices; don't mix them. Leave the juice on your scalp overnight, and wash it out in the morning. 2. Use essential oils combined with a scalp massage. Massage promotes good circulation in the scalp, to keep your hair follicles active.

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How to Preserve MarchQueen Hair Extension

When you purchase MarchQueen hair extension, you’d better be doing all you can to protect your investment. Here are some great tips on how to preserve your extensions. Condition Constantly Using a good quality, moisturizing conditioner is the key to soft, shiny extensions. Co-washing the extensions weekly is a great way to keep the hair hydrated and the ends intact.

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